What Is Your Bra Size?

One of the hardest things to do while you are pregnant is to know what bra size you are. Some women who were once an A cup jumped to a C or even D cup after the baby was born. While most women will shrink back down to size after they have finished breastfeeding others will keep their large size.

Many of us will have bras that will cause our breasts to sag or will be supporting them so much that we feel we can’t breathe from the pressure of it. it’s time to throw out those bras that don’t fit and find something that is perfectly comfortable on you. Below are instructions on how to properly measure yourself for a brand new, comfortable fitting bra.

  • The best way to measure what size you are is to take your shirt off (you can keep your unpadded bra on) and to stand perfectly straight, with your arms down, and breathing normal. Measure yourself in front of a mirror or have someone do it for you.
  • First you will need to measure your chest. Place the tape measure around your chest and under your arms.
  • The rib cage measurement is next. You will place the tape measure below the breasts. Make sure that your breasts are lifted and not sagging at all.
  • When taking the bust measurement you want it the tape measure to be across the fullest part of the breast. Make sure that the bra is positioned properly for an accurate measurement.
  • When you have these measurement you will need to take the larger chest measurement and rib cage measurement. If this is an odd number you will want to round it up. This will be the rib band size you want to wear.
  • Now subtract the rib band size from the bust measurement. Every inch is considered one cup size. For example 1 is A, 2 is B, and etc.