Luxurious Bravado Bra Designs

Most nursing bras are offered in one design – white. While this might be practical it is quite boring and is hardly something that women want to wear when they have the ability to take a break and go somewhere nice with their husbands. That is why Bravado offers various types of nursing bras for those women who want to feel good about themselves.

Exquisite Nursing Bra

The exquisite nursing bra is one of their most famous design. This has a beautiful look to it and is designed with European lace. This is a practical bra – but has the look and feel of something other than a nursing bra. The fine mesh and European lace on the outside of the bra provides women with the shape and support they need.

On the inside is cotton lining that allows the body to breathe and gives women the support that helps to make the bra more comfortable for them. The nursing clip is gold and helps to add more flare to the design. This costs around $40.

Sublime Nursing Bra

The sublime nursing bra is one of the most preferred among customers and is fairly new. This bra functions for women who are breastfeeding – but is luxurious and helps them to feel more feminine.

The bra is designed with soft and delicate lace on the outside and helps to show off your natural curves. The inside is made with cotton that helps the body to breathe and provides the woman with the support she needs. The cup sizes are made to expand with your body so that you can use it throughout your pregnancy.