Everday Bravado Nursing Bra Designs

Every woman is different and their bodies will vary depending on how large or small or tall or short they might be. Bravado offers a wide variety of bras in a range of colors and designs that would suit any woman and her personal needs and wants. We have listed a few of their more popular designs that women an enjoy to wear no matter what they might be doing.

Supreme Nursing Bra

The supreme nursing bra is geared to those women who have fuller breasts than others. It is difficult for many of them to find a bra that is able to hold them comfortably and without squeezing them too tightly. The Bravado supreme nursing bra is able to provide women with the support they need – but without the need of an uncomfortable underwire.

This bra is able to distribute the weight of both breasts equally over the entire bra and upper body. It helps to relieve pressure and discomfort in the shoulders, back, and neck. It is made with lightweight fabric that is soft to the touch – but durable. It also has shoulder straps to help pad the shoulders and nursing clips that make it easy to open when you need to breastfeed. This bra costs around $50.

Lifestyle Microfiber Nursing Bra

The lifestyle microfiber nursing bra is so comfortable that women are able to wear it no matter what they are doing. This is a favorite for Julia Roberts who bought it while breastfeeding her baby and was photographed wearing it for Fit Mag.

This bra features a low neckline and molded cups that help to create a smooth and seamless shape. On the exterior of the bra is microfiber that helps to create the support that is needed and a shape that allows the woman to feel good about herself. On the inside of the bra is 100% cotton that allows the body to breathe and provides comfort at the same time. This costs around $40.